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[UK] Box Office Review: 28th June to 4th July

1st: £8.28m / $10.4m -> Toy Story 4 (Disney) (Down 37.5%)
2nd: £2.15m / $2.71m -> Yesterday (Universal) (New release)
3rd: £695k / $876k -> Aladdin (Disney) (Down 42.2%)
4th: £516k / $650k -> Men in Black: International (Sony) (Down 48.7%)
5th: £358k / $451k -> Casino Royale (2006) (Secret Cinema 2019) (Up 0.161%)
8th £300k / $378k -> Apollo 11 (Dogwoof) (New release)
£14m / $17.6m from all films. Down 25.6% from last weekend, but up 103% from the same weekend last year. Compared to the previous 52 weekends, this weekend ranks 32nd and is down 9.2% against the average.
Yesterday (£2.21m / $2.78m including previews)
3-day average of £3.38k / $4.26k (In 654 cinemas)
Equivalent to: $22.1m DOM 3-day opening
Danny Boyle's latest movie Yesterday managed a reasonable opening for Universal, although it behind the openings of both Bohemian Rhapsody (£6.48m) and Rocketman (£4.02m). At first, it seems that the biopic trend is dying very quickly, but 'Yesterday' isn't actually a biopic unlike the other films. Instead, it is a fictional story of a failing musician being hit by a bus during a global blackout (Why the bus was still moving during the blackout is unexplained) and then waking up in a world where the Beatles never existed. (Again for unknown reasons - Maybe quantum immortality is real?) He then exploits their songs to rise into stardom, at the risk of losing his childhood best friend forever.
Despite mixed reviews from critics, Yesterday has good WOM with general audiences, so like the previously stated biopics, should go on to have nice long legs. With a budget of only £20.6m / $26m, Yesterday should easily turn a profit worldwide, unlike the previous Beatles film Across the Universe which only made £65k (£88.6k adj) in the UK and $29.6m worldwide in 2007, on a $70.8m budget. Compared to previous Boyle films it is on par with 127 Hours which opened with £2.2m (£2.63m adj) in 2011, ending up on £7.8m (£9.34m) and higher than Slumdog Millionaire which opened with £1.8m (£2.37m adj) in 2009 and ended up as Boyle's most successful film with a grand total of £31.7m.(£41.8m adj) Yesterday won't reach that high, but should easily past £10m and end up around £15m.
Toy Story 4 (£27m / $34m after 2 weeks)
Average of £12k / $15.1k (In 691 cinemas)
Equivalent to: $270m DOM total so far
The toys beat the heatwave and thus passed Dumbo's £25.1m to become the 4th highest-grossing film of 2019 so far, with a gentle 38% drop. At the same point in its run, Toy Story 3 made £31.7m (£39.9m adj), eventually reaching a total of £74.9m (£94.3m adj) to become the highest-grossing Disney/Pixar release back in 2010. Although it seems concerning that Toy Story 4 is running behind, Toy Story 3 had the benefit of opening on a Monday during the school holidays. Even with The Lion King coming up soon, Toy Story 4 should continue having gentle drops and making lots of money on weekdays, especially when all schools close for the summer. Having already passed 9 Disney/Pixar films, Toy Story 4 will soon pass A Bug's Life's £29.4m (£50.1m adj), Monsters University's £30.8m (£34.7m), Incredibles 1's £32.3m (£48.7m) and Up's £34.7m (£45.7m).
Aladdin (£33.9m / $42.7m after 6 weeks)
Average of £1.2k / $1.51k (In 580 cinemas)
Equivalent to: $339M DOM total so far
Aladdin continues to bring in the money, even when Toy Story 4 will inevitably pass it. Nevertheless, for the first time in history, a single studio dominates the top 5 films for the first-half of a year - Disney, and that's without any Fox films. With The Lion King, Frozen 2 and Star Wars 9 coming up, Disney will hope to make it 8 out of 8. But it asks the question of whether this is just a mere over-performance, or a sign of things to come?
Men in Black: International (£6m / $7.56m after 3 weeks)
Average of £1.04k / $1.31k (In 495 cinemas)
Equivalent to: $60m DOM total so far
Even though this is an obvious disappointment for Sony, this week's release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which has probably already passed £6m, should ease things a bit.
Casino Royale (2006) (£1.96m / $2.47m after 4 weeks)
Average of £358k / $451k (In 1 cinema)
Equivalent to: $19.6m DOM total so far
The Secret Cinema showings of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig's first film as James Bond, enters the top 5 for the first time. This is not an ordinary re-release, 'Secret Cinema' films are shown in an undisclosed location in London that is only revealed when you buy the tickets - The only clue given before then are travel times from certain tube stations. Also, they are immersive experiences and encourage you to wear clothing in the same style as the film and bring props. Therefore, the ticket price is extremely inflated, the cheapest being £50, going up to £175 for the full experience. Playing until October, I'm not sure if Sony, the film's original distributor, gets anything from this.
Apollo 11 (£325k / $410k including previews)
3-day average of £3.3k / $4.16k (In 91 cinemas)
Following the success of Diego Maradona (£779k) and Amazing Grace (£717k) Apollo 11 becomes the latest documentary to break-out and with the 50th anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks, the film could reach the million mark after a possible nationwide expansion. For Dogwoof Films, a distributor which specialises in documentaries, this would the be second-best result for the 16 year-old company, after last year's Free Solo made £2.08m.
1 - Toy Story 4
2 - Yesterday
3 - Avengers Endgame
4 - Aladdin
5 - Rocketman
1 - Spider-Man Far From Home (opening day)
2 - Toy Story 4
3 - Yesterday
4 - Aladdin
5 - Rocketman
1 - Spider-Man Far From Home
2 - Toy Story 4
3 - Yesterday
4 - Midsommar (opening day)
5 - Aladdin
Ahead of Sony's Spider-Man: Far From Home this week, Disney expanded Avengers: Endgame back onto more screens, this time with a pre-film tribute to Stan Lee and an exclusive deleted scene after the credits, pushing it back into the top 10 with £355k / $447k from 369 cinemas. After 10 weeks, Endgame has made £88.3m / $111m in total and this move was an subtle way to try and boost the worldwide box office past Avatar. However, an actual extended edition, with maybe 30 minutes of more content, released at the end of August would have been more successful, although most of the stuff that was filmed has already been used.
Through encore showings, Take That - Greatest Hits Live becomes the first live concert to gross £2m at the box office.
Spider-Man: Far From Home will be playing on most, if not all premium screens, including IMAX 3D, 4DX and normal 3D. As always, depending on location.
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I have been a matched betting enthusiast for years and now I am teaching it for free to everyone.

Hey beermoneyukers!
After years working in my 9-5 job as a website developer for a large corporation I decided I could not face selling my soul any longer lols and packed in my job.
Since then, I had a stint working as a freelancer whilst also making a healthy side income via matched betting. And over the past 9 months I’ve been building a website that teaches people how to do the same.
There are a lot of websites out there that teach matched betting, but most require a monthly subscription and most have long articles that can be a bit dry and hard to follow.
So instead, I built a website, Team Profit, that:
  Is completely free
  Uses animated video guides to teach people (link)
  Has infographics to accompany all video guides
  Provides step by step guides for 25+ bookmaker offer which will make you £600+ risk free (link)
I have amended the video script over 50 times to try to make it as concise and helpful as possible, hopefully they are a good watch!
Any feedback on the videos, guides, blog or anything else, please let me know, I spend every day adding new content and improving existing content.
If you are thinking of learning matched betting and making £600+ risk free, please check it out!
The video guides I posted above will teach you everything about matched betting.
However, I figure no harm in me writing down everything I know about matched betting in an FAQ style layout. Hopefully this will be useful to you.
I have tried to answer every question as concise as possible / no rambling :D
I have split the FAQs into the following sections:
1) What exactly is matched betting and how I do make money risk free?
2) How popular is matched betting?
3) Does it involve gambling?
4) How much money will I need to start?
5) How much time will it take me to learn matched betting?
1) How much money can I make matched betting from the welcome offers (new customer only)?
2) How much is a free bet worth in actual cash profit?
3) After I have finished the Welcome Offers, how much money can I make matched betting each month from Daily Offers (existing customer offers)?
4) What type of Daily Offers are available?
1) Which bookmakers have the best welcome offers?
2) Which bookmakers have the best offers for existing customers?
3) What is mug betting?
4) What is a betting exchange?
5) How do we use a betting exchange?
1) How sustainable is matched betting?
2) Will it impact my credit rating?
3) Do the bookmakers have terms to stop customers from withdrawing?
4) Do I need to know about sports?
1) Where can you learn matched betting?
1) Depositing and withdrawing
2) Sending identification documents
Any questions that haven’t been answered please add a comment and I’ll add the FAQ and answer.
1) What exactly is matched betting and how I do make money risk free?
There are more than 25 online bookmakers in the UK. In order to attract new customers, they each offer free bets, known as ‘Welcome Offers’.
In total they offer over £800 in free bets to new customers.
In order to receive the free bet, bookmakers require you to place your first bet. An example offer is ‘Bet £5, Get £20 free bet’.
The risk is that you could lose both the £5 bet (your own cash) and the £20 free bet.
By using a technique called matched betting, we remove this risk.
This is because we match our first £5 bet on the bookmaker with a £5 bet on a betting exchange on the opposite outcome (this is known as a ‘lay bet’).
For example, we bet £5 on Man Utd to win on the bookmaker, and £5 on Man Utd not to win on the betting exchange.
As we have now bet on all outcomes, regardless of whether Man Utd win, draw or lose, we will neither win nor lose money. However, we have received the £20 free bet!
With the £20 free bet, we can now repeat this process by betting on say Liverpool to win on the bookmaker and Liverpool not to win.
This time, because we are using a £20 free bet but our winnings are paid out in cash, we will always make a profit.
We repeat this process for 25+ bookmakers, one by one. In total we can convert the £800+ in free bets to over £600+ in actual cash profit, in very little time at all.
2) How popular is matched betting?
Matched betting isn’t new and has been around since at least 2005.
However, it is only since 2015 that it has really increased in popularity due to the rise of websites teaching matched betting. You can see this trend here: Google Trends Link
By looking at the various matched betting sites popularity, a reasonable estimate is at least 25,000 people in the UK are matched betters. You can see a review of sites that teach matched betting in the ‘Which websites teach matched betting?’ section below.
3) Does it involving gambling?
This is the most common assumption with matched betting. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it did involve gambling simply because the name ‘matched betting’ would suggest it did.
However, matched betting does not involve gambling, you will never be risking a penny.
Because we are always covering the opposite outcome occurring, there is never any risk we will lose money. Furthermore, we still receive the free bets which we will where we make our profit.
The profitability and risk free nature of matched betting has been reviewed in the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian
4) How much will I need to start?
You can start with as little as you want, however the lowest I would recommend starting with would be £25.
With £25, you can start your first bookmaker welcome offer and make a deposit into your first betting exchange, meaning you can start making a profit.
For more details, see this Starting with £25 guide.
The downside, with only £25 you are restricted by having to wait for withdrawals before you can move onto the next offer.
Therefore, I would say an optimal amount to have available for your cash flow would be in the region of £200 as this allows you to complete multiple welcome offers simultaneously.
5) How long will it take me to learn matched betting?
To learn the principles of matched betting, it will take up to 20 minutes.
To become familiar with completing your first offer, I would set aside another 30-60 minutes so you can take your time and ensure you are completing it correctly.
For example, the video guides on Team Profit last a total of 21 minutes (8 minutes for the explainers videos and 13 minutes to watch the step-by-step real time example). Although they last just 21 minutes, some users watch certain parts of the video again to become comfortable with the process.
It is very much recommended to avoid trying to learn matched betting by yourself. There are thousands of experienced matched betters who can help you. For more details on this, see the ‘Which Websites Teach Matched Betting’ section.
If you need any help anytime, please do comment in this Reddit thread and I’ll help you out.
1)How much money can I make matched betting from the welcome offers (new customer only)?
From the welcome offer, you can make approximately £1,000 cash profit.
There are 25+ bookmaker offers available on sports for at least £600 profit. These are relatively straightforward offers and good value in terms of time to complete. It would take around 12 hours to complete these offers, which works around £40 / hour tax free. You can complete them over any time period you like.
There are at least another 5 bookmaker offers, such as Bet365 and BetVictor, though these require more time, you could make around £100 to £200. They require more time because the bookmaker requires you to bet many more times before you can withdraw.
Plus 20+ offers across casino and bingo, though some are not risk free and typically take more time to complete, but you should be able to make at least £200 profit from these offers.
So overall, there is an easy £600 profit risk free, then up to another £400 if it’s worth your time to do them.
2) How much is a free bet worth in actual cash profit?
A £10 free bet is worth between £5 to £8 in actual cash profit.
The reason for the range is because the higher odds you choose for your free bet, the more actual cash profit you will make.
For example, if you bet on a football team with odds of 2.0, the £10 free bet will convert to around £5 cash profit. Whereas if you bet on a football team that is unlikely to win, with odds of say 6.0, the £10 free bet will convert to around £8 cash profit.
Note though, the higher odds you choose, the more you will need in your betting exchange account in case the bet wins. For a detailed explanation with examples, read this free bet profit article.
3) After I have finished the Welcome Offers, how much money can I make matched betting each month (from existing customer offers)?
Anywhere from £100 to £1,000+ per month.
Bookmakers continue to run free bet offers to retain their customers, I refer to these as Daily Offers.
Daily Offers are typically less valuable than the welcome offers but still worth completing.
For example, rather than ‘Bet £5 Get £20’ that they offer to new customers, they may instead run ‘Bet £20 Get £10’ and on a particular football match.
I would say for people with a day job, aiming for between £300 to £500 a month is realistic. In terms of time required, for every hour you spend, you should make around £30 tax free.
So to make £300 a month, expect to spend around 2-3 hours a week. I’d say to earn more than this, you will likely need to accept a lower hourly rate and do some of the low value offers too.
If you are looking to make £1,000+, I’d expect you would have to be near full time and also be fortunate to keep your enough of your bookmaker accounts open for 12+ month period (what is mugging bet FAQ below).
4) What type of offers are available for existing customers?
Easy offers:
The most common easy offer on football matches is Bet £20 Get £10 free bet. Many bookmakers run this offer, though it will usually be on a particular football match.
The most common easy offer on horse racing is usually on SkyBet, who will run simple offers such as ‘Get £25 free bet if your horse comes 2nd or 3rd’.
There are also easy casino offers, such as ‘£5 risk free’, where you spin on slots and hope to win, if you don’t they’ll refund up to £5 of losses.
These offers can make you up to £300 per month (or £500 on a good month with European football) and are easy for those with a day job.
Harder offers:
If you are looking to make more than £300 to £500 a month, then you will need to spend time on Saturday’s completing horse racing offers on Channel 4 racing and during the week too, though Saturday’s are the most profitable.
Plus you will need to do more advanced offers such as football accumulator refunds, each way offers, though I will leave these aside given they could have their own separate thread :p
If you’d like to understand where you can learn more about these offers, see ‘Which sites teach matched betting?’ FAQ below.
1) Which bookmakers have the best welcome offers?
There are 3 formats of bookmakers welcome offers.
‘Bet £X Get £Y free bet’ - these are the most straightforward. Simply place your first bet and receive a free bet.
This format of welcome offer, ranging from Bet £5 Get £20 to Bet £50 Get £50, is available on Coral, SkyBet, BetBright, Betfred, Paddy Power, BetStars, William Hill, Stan James, Betway, Ladbrokes, TitanBet, 32Red and MarathonBet.
‘Refunds’ (also known as Risk Free offers) - these are similar to Bet £X Get £Y free bet. The only difference is you only receive your free bet if your first bet loses, hence I refer to these offers are refund offers.
This format of welcome offer is, ranging from £10 to £50 refunds, is available on Bwin, Dafabet, UniBet, Totesport, 188Bet, SuperLenny, Genting and 888Sport.
‘Multi Bets’ - these welcome offers require multiple bets to be placed before receiving your reward. It can take form of a bonus which requires to bet £X amount until you can withdraw any winnings, or the form of a cash reward once you have bet £X amount.
This format of welcome offer is available on Bet365, BetVictor and some other bookmakers, however they often require such a large amount of betting that I haven’t included them in this list.
The quickest to complete are the Bet £X Get £Y due to their simplicity, then the next best are the ‘Refunds’ offers.
The Multi Bet offers can be very valuable (e.g. Bet£365’s offer is worth over £150 profit risk free) but can also require much larger deposits in order to place the bookmaker bets and lay these bets in your Exchange.
For details of each bookmaker offer, see this Welcome Offer List & Guides
2) Which bookmakers have the best offers for existing customers?
Bookmakers vary in their level of generosity to existing customers. This is a little subjective, but in my opinion, this is the ranking of bookmakers for existing customers:
Best: Bet365
Bet365 run a £50 Risk Free offer most months (sometimes twice a month during popular football months) which is worth £35. It is very quick to complete (less than 10 minutes) so for £35 to £70, or around £500 a year, it is a great offer.
Plus they have one of the best horse racing offers, up to a £50 risk free bet if your pick a winning horse with high odds. This is a profitable offer worth around £20-£30 a week, or up to £1,000 to £1,500 a year.
Second Best: SkyBet
SkyBet run regular £5 to £25 free bet offers on horse racing and football, plus regular £5 risk free offers in SkyVegas.
Third & Fourth Best: Coral and Paddy Power
Both these sites run regular horse racing, price boosts and football offers (Bet £20 Get £10 in particular), at least £20 to to be made on every week from these two sites.
Good: William Hill, Ladbrokes, BetStars, Stan James, Betway, Bwin, Betfred, Totesport, 188Bet, 888, BetVictor
All these bookmakers run offer(s) each week so it’s worth ensuring you have completed the welcome offer for each of these sites so you can take advantage of their daily offers for existing customers.
3) What is mug betting?
If you are only ever betting when you receive an offer, the bookmaker will no longer allow your account to receive free bet offers (this is known as being ‘gubbed’).
To get around this, you should place ‘mug’ bets. ‘Mug’ bets are simply bets that a ‘mug’ punter would place. Mug bets include £1 accumulators (betting on several teams to win) and betting on favourites without an offer.
Most advice suggests that for every offer you receive, you should place 2-3 mug bets.
If you are gubbed, it does kinda suck when you receive the email, as you can no longer profit from the bookmaker’s offers.
It is also becoming increasingly common as bookmakers are noticing more suspected matched bettors, due to its increasing popularity. My advice is to make money whilst you can and take sensible precautions to try to keep your account active.
For more details, see this Mug Betting article
4) What is a betting exchange?
A betting exchange is a marketplace for customers to bet between each other on the outcome of particular events. This differs from a traditional bookmaker because an exchange also gives you the ability to be the bookmaker yourself and take bets from other exchange users.
Standard bookmakers generate profit by offering odds that are in their favour. Betting exchanges explained in terms of how they generate revenue is they charge a commission on any winnings a player receives.
The two market leading betting exchanges are, Betfair and Smarkets.
For more details, Betting Exchanges Comparison.
5) How we use betting exchanges?
When matched betting, a betting exchange is used to place our lay bets (the opposite bet to our trigger bet). So when we place the trigger bet with the bookmaker on one outcome to release the initial free bet, we must also cover the opposite outcome so that if the bookmaker bet does lose we still win on the lay bet - making it risk free!
Similarly when we are placing the free bet bet with the bookmaker we then lay off that bet using the exchange and because we’re using a free bet but being paid out in cash, this is how we turn free bets into withdrawable cash.
We only ever use betting exchanges for lay bets.
1) How sustainable is matched betting?
Matched betting over the past 6-9 months has become harder. Most bookmakers have realised they are thousands of matched betters taking advantage of their offers and so have either reduced the generosity of their offers or have made the daily offers more complicated.
However, there is still intense competition between the bookmakers, meaning they will always run special offers to an extent.
By spending a few hours a week, you can still make £300 to £500 a month, whereas in past year(s) this figure could have been £500 to £800.
The biggest issue matched betters face is being ‘gubbed’. As explained in the mug betting FAQ, this is when a bookmaker restricts you from receiving free bets and bonuses.
There are various theories as to how a particular bookmaker decides to to gub a customer. Reasons include taking up too many offers, winning a high % of bets, withdrawing regularly, placing bets far in advance or at irregular times.
The truth is nobody really knows precisely why people gubbed. However, you can expect to get gubbed at some point from a particular bookmaker, it may be 2 months, it may be 2 years, it is hard to know.
I really think though that everyone can make up to £1,000 from the Welcome Offers and at least £300 to £500 a month without any problems. I think the issues comes when you are making £1,000+ every month which sooner or later bookmakers will catch up that you are taking up a lot of offers.
Having said this, some people say they have been making £1,000+ every month for years, so maybe it is possible if you are using a wide variety of bookmakers and consistently placing mug bets.
2) Will it impact my credit rating?
Having betting activity on your bank statement does not impact your credit rating.
The only thing to be wary of when making betting deposits and withdrawals is that it can affect your application for a mortgage. So if you’re planning on applying for a mortgage in the near future then I’d recommend using a separate bank account to that which you’ll be applying for the mortgage with.
3) Do the bookmakers have terms to stop customers from withdrawing?
The vast majority of welcome offers do not have any withdrawal restrictions.
A handful of welcome offers do but this will be state in the terms and conditions. It is much easier though to use a matched betting website as they will clearly highlight the key terms of each offer (see ‘Which websites teach matched betting’ section below).
Casino offers will almost always have withdrawal restrictions, however for the matched betting welcome offers we are focusing on sports betting.
4) Do I need to know about sports?
Not at all! You do not need a sports background or have any sort of betting knowledge, many matched betters do not know anything about sport or betting before learning matched betting.
You may learn matched betting a little faster if you have sports betting experience but it really isn't important at all.
There are 30+ websites that three key stages to matched betting:
Stage 1) Learning matched betting
Stage 2) Completing the Welcome Offers (for new customers)
Stage 3) Profiting in the long term from Daily Offers (for existing customers)
Below I have tried to cover the main sites that will help you with each of these stages.
In summary, I may be biased :p but I think the:
Stage 1) and Stage 2) best approach is to use
Stage 3) Join a paid membership site, either, or to continue to make money from the Daily Offers.
FREE SITES: (link)
I really believe Team Profit is the best site to learn matched betting and complete the welcome offers, but compare us to the other sites and see what you think!
Learn matched betting with animated videos (link)
25+ Welcome Offers using the step by step guides (link)
A free Facebook group to provide help to you anytime you need (link). (link)
The advantage of MoneySavingExpert is the sheer volume of content, covering all aspects of matched betting.
The disadvantage of MoneySavingExpert it is not well structured as it is just one forum with a long lists of posts so it takes quite a while to find relevant threads and miss key information. (link)
The advantage of MatchedBettingBlog is the clear layout of the daily offers posted each day for with step by step instructions. It’s a good site to check to avoid missing the best and easier daily offers. The forum community also helps to post additional offers on top of those listed on the homepage, and also provides general advice on completing daily offers.
The disadvantage of MatchedBettingBlog is it is relatively limited in terms of teaching matched betting and does not provide a clear list of welcome offers. Also, for those looking to make £500+ every month, it doesn’t provide any software to help with the more advanced types of matched betting with daily offers, such as horse racing refunds and accumulator refunds, that the paid member sites offer.
Additional free matched betting sites include: (link) (Reddit thread link) (link)
Paid sites usually charge £15 to £25 a month.
In return, they will teach matched betting, provide list of welcome offers and provide daily offers too. Additionally, most paid sites will also provide software that helps to make you more money plus save you time. (link | non)
OddsMonkey charge £15 per month or £150 per year.
They are the most well known provider of matched betting software. Earlier this year, they added the full range of matched betting services, so now they provide all of the below:
Tutorial articles
Welcome offer step by step guides
Daily offers calendar
Software: OddsMatcher, Horse Racing Refunds, Tennis Refunds, range of calculators and spreadsheet
The advantage of OddsMonkey is the exceptional value. They have the best range of software and tools for matched betters to maximise their profits, are consistently bringing up new tools at no added cost. At only £15 per month it is one of the best options to consider.
The only disadvantage is the forum is not as busy as the next two options, ProfitAccumulator and Profit Maximiser. Though the forum is still a sufficiently active to ensure any questions have you are answered quickly.
Profit Accumulator (Link - Chazmer87's I don't have one | non)
Profit Accumulator charge £23 per month or £150 per year
Profit Accumulator helped to bring matched betting to the main stream with a highly active community. There are clear similarities between OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator in terms of their high standard of software and offers.
The advantage of Profit Accumulator is their very active community. There is a great deal of advice in virtually every aspect of matched betting and the information is all well structured. Plus they have a very good offers coverage.
The only disadvantage to Profit Accumulator is the higher cost. The membership itself is £23 per month, plus their version of the Horse Racing Refunds software is £10 per month, or £115 a year. So in total you are paying £33 per month versus OddsMonkey’s £15 per month.
Profit Maximiser (Link | non)
Profit Maximiser is run by the original matched betting guru Mike Cruickshank.
Mike has been building software for matched betters for many years and has a very active Facebook Group.
Each piece of software is sold separately, I believe the below is accurate, each have their own £1 free trials:
Bonus Bagging £27 plus VAT - provides a list of all welcome offers and teaching (Link | non)
Profit Maximiser £97 plus VAT - provides all daily offers (Link | non)
Each Way Sniper £47 plus VAT - provides a horse racing betting system (Link)
Accumulator Generator £149 plus VAT - provides a football betting system (Link)
I believe Mike may have a couple more tools, if so I’ll edit this post if you could please comment / send me a message.
The advantage of Mike’s products is that there is no monthly recurring fee, so if you intend to do this for many months, it may work out profitable to do so. Plus from what I understand their Facebook Group finds some lucrative casino loophole offers faster than other matched betting providers.
The disadvantage of Mike’s products is that you have to buy each product separately rather than having it all within one simple account. Additionally, the total cost if you were to buy all 4 above listed products is £320 + VAT (total cost £384) whereas you could receive all these tools for £15 per month from Oddsmonkey. Having said that, Mike’s products do come with a £1 free trial, just be careful to cancel before the trial ends if you don’t want to continue.
Additional free matched betting sites include: Yes Bets link
Pure Profit link
1) Depositing and withdrawing
To ensure you qualify for the Welcome Offer, use a bank card to deposit into your newly set up bookmaker account. Most sites will allow Paypal too though check the terms and conditions.
If you use Skrill or Neteller, typically you will not qualify for the Welcome Offer (bookmakers have this rule to prevent fraud) but you can check the terms and conditions.
Withdrawing is easy, you should receive your funds within 1-3 working days depending on the bookmaker.
2) Sending identification documents
Occasionally, bookmakers may require to send in identification documents (passport or drivers licence for example) and a copy of your bank card. This is to prevent fraud. This usually happens if you are not listed on the Electoral Roll or there is a difference between your home address and billing address. Simply take a photo of the documents they ask for and email them back.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do post a comment thanks!
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FaceApp Review - YouTube Casino Royale Opening original - YouTube Is Apple Even TRYING?? – Airpods 2 Review - YouTube The Man Who Cheated Vegas Casinos For Years And Stole ... It Chapter Two - Movie Review - YouTube Nick Payne Reviews: Casino Royale (1967) Stan Walker, Parson James - Tennessee Whiskey - YouTube Everything James McAvoy Ate to Get Massive for Glass  Eat ... Vince, Stan, Donald & James as History Buffs: Casino - YouTube

Stan James is one of the most popular online casinos in the UK. They are now open to players from around the world. Stan James Casino uses NetEnt, Microgaming, NYX, Amaya (Chartwell), Novomatic, Realistic Games, Williams Interactive (WMS), 2by2 Gaming, Quickspin, Blueprint Gaming and Evolution Gaming to power their library of online casino games. They hold a gaming license from the ... Complete Stan James Casino Review Go through authentic and transparent real players reviews about Stan James Casino and user-based Ratings at For the past 18 months, had been powered by Unibet. As of 26th February 2018 you have been moved over to Unibet. The move will provide you with an improved experience in Sportsbook, Casino, Bingo and has now been closed down and you have one account at Unibet. Stan James should lose their license to be a UK bookmaker as they clearly are not one! Any UK bookmaker that refuses or restricts a punter's bet should not be allowed to continue just because that punter has a winning account. Ban Stan James and do Britain and all punters a favour! Useful. Share. Reply. You've already flagged this PWilliams 3 reviews. Con merchants. Con merchants - not only do ... Stan James Casino Review. Review last updated on September 16, 2019. The Stan James Casino is licensed by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and is open to players from all around the world, with the exception of the US. A variety of game providers are being displayed, to name a few leading suppliers; NetEnt, Chartwell, Realistic, Microgaming, Electracade and IGT. To better service you, Stan ... ***This review is for demo purposes, all bonus offers are not real*** The most popular games at Stan James are their premium and video slot games. Here, players can enjoy some of the most graphically advanced and innovative games on the market. Sending User Review 4.28 (25 votes) Additional WP Review Link; Because Stan James Casino provides content from leading suppliers, they are able to ... Stan James Mobile and Live Games This is a mobile-friendly site, giving you access to play many exciting games directly from your smartphone or tablet devices. They also have a modest Live Casino section, which includes only 5 titles to play. Casino review . Read our full review. Bonus. x. Wager--New depositing players only. Min deposit £10. Max bonus £50. Offer valid on first deposit. Offer only applies to new players. Games are given as follows: 20 games and 100% bonus upon first deposit. Another Stan James Casino Advert 40 games are given upon deposit on Stan James Casino Advert the second day after the first deposit (min £20 ... Stan James which currently offers casino, online sports Millionen Für die seine Pforten im MPN-Netzwerk or find out more Casino, Games and Poker. you up to $1000. bei Stan James wird and reopened its poker to Unibet, login now market, just in time betting and poker, recorded latest bonuses from Stan part of British company interest and Find out It was a significant here. Important business ... Stan James Casino Review. Stan James Casino is designed for players of every level from your first timer to the casino pros Stan James have something for everyone. The casino is quickly building an outstanding reputation amongst players with its multiple game platforms, fantastic Bonuses, stimulating gameplay all combined with excellent customer service. Stan James Casino really does have ...

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James McAvoy's trainer and nutritionist, Magnus Lygdback, breaks down the diet he used to help James bulk up for his iconic role of The Beast in Glass (2019)... Tribute Show at Thunder Valley Casino. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Chris Stuckmann reviews It Chapter Two, starring Bill Skarsgård, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Be... Get yourself a Dbrand skin at code LTT and save 20% until April 30th on Game and Web hosting at When one man discovers a way to beat the system, Vegas becomes his playground. From slot machine alone he steals millions with the authorities none the wiser... Parson James appears courtesy of RCA Records, a division of Sony Music EntertainmentListen to Stan Walker here: About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Sorry for being away so long guys! Hopefully this review makes up for it but I'm back in the swing of things and I'm already researching my next review. Than... My review of the 1967 James Bond 007 spoof film "Casino Royale (1967)", starring David Nivern as Sir James Bond 007 with Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, Woody Allen, Joanna Pettet, Daliah Lavi ... Theres been concerns regarding FaceApp stealing data. Please be cautious if downloadingSuppert the chan get merch : 🔥 ( ‿ ...